Sklené Teplice is the oldest spa in Slovakia. Residents since the inception of the village exploit the beneficial effects of the thermal mineral water, which rises here. Sklené Teplice became to be known as a spa town only in the 16th century and the first water analysis was made by Karol Otto Moller in the 18th century. Moller, a significant scientist who taught also Matej Bel, worked as a spa doctor in Sklené Teplice and got a nick name „Slovak Hippocrates”.

There are fourteen springs of cool, warm and hot mineral waters with temperatures up to 52,5 °C rising in Sklené Teplice. The artificial deep boreholes and water wells to a depth of 1600 m are used. These are the most important springs of volcanic zone. With their chemical composition they belong to natural less mineralized, sulphated, calcic- magnesite, hot, hypotonic waters. The illnesses of the nervous and kinetic system are healed here.

The Cave steam bath is unique in Europe – naturally called „parenica“, with thermal mineral water with a temperature of 42°C. The springs flow directly to the pool in the cave and the bath can be provided as dry and wet bath – warm overheated air and warm thermal water.

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