There are several old mining towns, a number of monuments, ruins of castles and thanks to the location in CHKO Štiavnické hills also beautiful natural scenery around Sklené Teplice:

  • old time mining town Banská Štiavnica – UNESCO location (Old and New castle, Gothic and Renaissance churches, old Klopačka, Calvary, Amber Road, Slovak mining museum, Mining museum in the nature, accessible mines and Botanical garden)
  • water basins and “tajchy” near Banská Štiavnica – Štiavnické tajchy, lake Počúvadlo
  • Saint Anton near Banská Štiavnica – former coburgs castle, often residence of former Bulgarian tsar Ferdinand, today is the baroque manor-house partially used as forest and timber museum
  • The fabulous castle Sitno near Banská Štiavnica – educational trail, observation tower and transmitter
  • Ruins of a gothic castle Šášov – on the rock close to Žiar nad Hronom, opposite the mouth of the Kremnický creek to river Hron
  • Ruins of castle Revište close to Žarnovica
  • Water paradise Vyhne
  • Old mining town Kremnica (Mint– the Slovak euro coins are raid here, Town castle, Museums of coins and medals, musical and cultural events – well known Kremnické Gagy)